David Zack

Balancing Revenue Generation and Product Development

Most technology companies struggle with balancing revenue generation and product development at some point in their maturation, especially in companies that serve larger enterprises, where early customers are critical to prove traction, but also start to drive product development that fits their specific (and often unique) needs. CTOs are often asked to focus on providing …

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CICD everything you need to know

The barrier to implementing CICD is people, not tech Organizations seeking to adopt continuous delivery will primarily focus on evaluating tools and improving working practices. This is important, but to truly embrace continuous delivery, organization management must ensure that their teams adopt CICD’s core principles: Architect the system in a way that supports iterative releases. …

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5 Ways to Build Team Cohesion Remotely

DevOps is a process, not a function or role. Measuring everyone by the same metrics is important. Engineering teams have a tendency to be “our stuff” centric. It’s important to have a holistic view and understanding of your production environment to ensure resources are working efficiently.

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