About the Forum

The mission of the LA CTO Forum is to foster the SoCal technology ecosystem. We believe that by helping our members to be more effective CTOs, we can have a positive impact on the ecosystem. The Forum is a vibrant, private, invite-only network of software CTOs who exchange ideas, share experiences, and help each other when needed. We conduct monthly meetings, quarterly roundtables, and discuss different business and technology topics.

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Upcoming Events

September 1
8:00 am

Quarterly Roundtable Meeting - Virtual

We will be doing our quarterly round table session. This is an exceptional resource to either get some critical help and feedback on an issue or to give something back to the greater CTO community.

- Get to know other members.
- Help your fellow members.
- Hear what issues members are facing and discuss ideas to address them.

September 29
6:30 pm

Building Great Products and Driving Retention - Virtual

Distributed, remote teams have become a reality for every engineering organization in the world. Many companies have opted for this model consciously while others were forced into it with the COVID pandemic. Regardless, as leaders we are all faced with this new reality and inevitably some engineering leaders are better prepared than others. This session will first look at the reasons why we should all embrace this new reality and then dive deep into the nuances of building and managing a remote and distributed team

November 13
8:00 am

Cloud Monitoring Tools - Virtual

The systems we build now are much more complex than they were a few years ago. Cloud-native technologies such as microservices, containers, orchestrated environments and serverless functions are providing significant benefits, but also make it that much harder to understand the system as a whole. Our speakers, Kevin Pura and Liran Haimovitch, have deep experience in the Cloud Monitoring and APM space and will discuss what options are available for different size organizations and how they are being used and the strategic advantages of using those tools for both small and large organizations.

In this session you will learn:
-What tools are companies using to monitor and manage their platforms
-How to choose monitoring solutions that make sense at different stages of maturity
-Where is this going as environments become more complex
and much more…