Getting to a Product Development Flow State


Anne Hunt

Anne Hunt
In-Person Event

Event Summary

Engineers and product managers must work together both creatively and fast to address customer needs in a volatile landscape of competition, customer expectations, budget constraints, and technologies. Teams that struggle with this won’t develop the winning products. Anne Hunt will lead a discussion on common team anti-patterns and how to overcome them.

The LA CTO Forum and the Product Management Association Los Angeles (PMA LA) are doing another combined event. These are always great events where we discuss one of the most important relationships for most CTOs. It also attracts a great crowd of CTOs, senior product managers, investors, and CXOs.

We highly encourage you to bring your senior-most product manager to the event as well – so ask them to hold the evening as well.

April 27, 2023
6:00 pm


Anne Hunt

Anne Hunt

Worldwide Digital Native Business Product Manager, AWS

Dr. Anne Hunt has been leading product development teams for over 2 decades, starting in engineering and engineering management and moving to product management for the last 12 years. Her primary focus is on using data and artificial intelligence to create products that help people and the world we live in. She is the worldwide leader for digital native business product management transformation at AWS.

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