CTO/VP Engineering Careers Post-COVID. What’s Changed?

A Virtual Event

Event Summary

The tech industry has been one of the most resilient sectors of the economy during and post Covid-19-induced economic downturn. But major layoffs at big companies including Google, Amazon, Meta, as well as a host of smaller startups, have shaken any sense that the tech industry is insulated from the broader employment issues. Is the tech market as good/bad as it looks? What verticals are doing better than others? What skills continue being in demand?

As a senior engineering leader, it’s a good idea to keep yourself aware of the impact of the post-pandemic downturn on your career and how you would go about finding your next gig if that were to be required.  We have an amazing panel of executive recruiters who have insights into the impact on CTO/VPE careers.

May 10, 2024
8:00 am
Zoom (Members Only)
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