Monthly Meeting – Building Micro-Frontends

A Virtual Event

Event Summary

Micro-frontends (MFEs) have emerged as an architectural approach for medium-large frontend applications, a method to scale your team and empower them, a way to de-risk your deployment strategy, and a means to encourage innovation between teams. We are happy to be joined by the author of the newly released book, Building Micro-Frontends, Luca Mezzalira. We will also hear from our LA CTO Forum member, Tom Gerken, about his experiences adopting MFEs. They will cover:

  • What is an MFE and why to adopt it
  • How to divide existing applications into MFEs
  • A decision framework for adopting the right MFE strategy
  • Best practices and challenges in MFE adoption

If you’d like to attend, please submit an application for membership.

January 14, 2022
8:00 am
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