Welcome to the home of the LA CTO Forum

What is the LA CTO Forum?

LA CTO Forum is a vibrant, private, invite-only network of software CTOs who exchange ideas, share experiences, and help each other when needed. We conduct monthly meetings, quarterly roundtables, and discuss different business and technology topics.

Who can join?

The group is for software CTOs in the Los Angeles area. We have various titles in the group and different size companies involved, but members have business and technology responsibility in their organizations. All members are screened by Tony Karrer and Oded Noy.


If you fit the criteria above, please contact Tony Karrer – akarrer@techempower.com

Where can I find the LA CTO Forum?

The LA CTO Forum maintains an online presence in two places:

  • http://lactoforum.ning.com/ – This is the primary discussion, events, and networking hub for the group. Browse upcoming events, view and participate in discussions, and learn about your peers in the industry.
  • http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=1806451 – This group is for finding out more about the members of the group. You can search LinkedIn profiles this way. If you don’t know what LinkedIn is good for, ask somebody. It is a peerless tool in your networking arsenal.

Both of these are private groups. You must be invited or apply and be accepted.

How do I connect with the LA CTO Forum on LinkedIn?

Go to our LinkedIn group and sign up. You will be approved to join the group by one of the moderators.

How do I access the LA CTO Forum on Ning?

Go to our private community and apply to the group. You will be approved to join the group by one of the moderators.

What else do I need to do?

After you’ve been accepted into the Ning group, we highly recommend that you go to the Forums page and set the setting at the bottom of the page to be Notified of new discussions. This means that as members have requests that they will post via a new Discussion, you will receive an email on this.

After you’ve been accepted into the LinkedIn group, we highly recommend you send a connection request to Tony Karrer, Oded Noy, John Shiple and Dave Viner. While you can search in LinkedIn via a group, it’s much easier if results come in through connections. We actually would encourage you to Connect to other members as you meet them through the network.

You will be invited to various events, most commonly the monthly meetings. We expect that members will RSVP via Ning.

Member Testimonials

  • Alex Ross – CTO for Enplug.com

    “I joined the CTO Forum as a first-time startup CTO. It’s hard to get all-things-CTO right because it involves more than building and scaling a technology. You also need to be (or become) an effective leader, recruiter, manager, planner, communicator, mentor, and sometimes product manager, fundraiser, or sales engineer depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the rest of your team.

    I credit the CTO Forum for accelerating my ability to successfully fill each of those roles faster than anything else I’ve done over the last 4 years. The roundtables provide a forum for me to share challenges and receive advice from many other CTOs with literally decades more experience. Through my involvement I’ve found great mentors I admire and emulate. The strength of my professional network has increased tenfold, and I’ve even made friendships that I believe will be lifelong.

    I unreservedly recommend becoming actively engaged in the CTO Forum to all new CTOs. It’s an extremely rare opportunity for those who have an open mind and a willingness to learn from others.”