5 Ways to Build Team Cohesion Remotely

Building team cohesion has never been easy and in a remote work environment it has gotten even more difficult. The zoom happy hour may have lost its luster but here are some tips from LA CTO Forum members that have helped them bring their technology teams closer together while keeping their social distance.

Socialize during work hours

Holding team building activities during office hours encourages attendance because employees aren’t giving up their free time to participate. It also generates goodwill because employees feel like they’re getting paid to socialize.


If you use zoom or google hangout during your normal course of business a switch can signal that this isn’t business as usual but a social gathering. You wouldn’t hold all your team building meetings in your conference room would you? So switch it up online as well.


This tool allows for breakout rooms and white boards


Rambly is a virtual space for events like happy hours, parties, and meetups. Walk around to mix and mingle with 8-bit characters like you’re in a 90’s video game.

Teams that play together stay together!

Games have always been a great way to build a sense of friendship and comradery and here are some of our favorite ways to play remotely:

Wine and dine them

Sharing a meal with each other doesn’t require you to share a table. Treat your team to a meal from their favorite eateries by providing them with food subsidies or order through a meal delivery service.

Learn Something New

There are a variety of virtual classes that will deliver kits to your team so everyone can get online and learn something new together. Go with a classic like cooking classes or mix things up with something like magic, there are lots of interactive learning experiences that are really fun for teams to enjoy online these days.

Fest Cooking

A collective of chefs, bakers, pastry makers and sommeliers who teach guided, live, and intimate virtual classes.


Interactive cooking classes offering meal kits delivered from local grocery stores