Scaling team capability – the CICD angle.

Scaling team capability – the CICD angle.

In our latest Tech Talk, LACTO Board member Tony Karrer leads a discussion on how to best manage DevOps and the role of QA when scaling your team.


How does that work with CICD, where the developers are empowered to go to production?

DevOps is a process, not a function or role. Measuring everyone by the same metrics is important. Engineering teams have a tendency to be “our stuff” centric. It’s important to have a holistic view and understanding of your production environment to ensure resources are working efficiently.


The Role of QA

QA engineers and software engineers can plan tests together. It is the developer's role to catch all edge cases and QA can help developers to think about such cases. When needed, QA can be used as a gatekeeper and not just a facilitator, to provide oversight when developing software that controls machinery like elevators or self-driving cars. 


How do we rely on QA for integration?

Create a QA mindset as early as possible in the “code complete” cycle. Give QA teams ownership and accountability and provide a dialogue with development to ensure collaboration across all teams.

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